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Data Analysis and Visualization

        Please find below an excerpt from a comprehensive recall analysis conducted for a leading beer brand in the United States. This analysis was conducted with real-time updates facilitated by the can inspectors, who diligently recorded their findings on the online inspection sheet. These data inputs were then seamlessly transferred to a centralized table, resulting in the creation of a comprehensive chart. The table effectively compiled data from every individual pallet inspected, thereby consolidating all information in a readily accessible location.

        The chart was designed with sophisticated capabilities, enabling it to extract data from various recorded categories. Consequently, this feature facilitated in-depth analyses at multiple levels of complexity, catering to specific requirements as they arose.

Inspection Sheet

Data sheet for small business analysis

Data Table

Data Table for Small Business Analysis

Chart Analyzing the Link Between SKU and Damaged Cans

Data Chart for small business analysis

Data Cleaning and Template Conversion

        The following project was undertaken for an Outdoor Sports Equipment Rental Company based in Gunnison, Colorado. The business owner entrusted us with the task of devising an efficient system to convert purchase order (PO) information received from their vendors into a standardized format that could be effortlessly uploaded into the business' online inventory software.

In the provided example, the first image depicts the original format of the PO received from the vendor, while the accompanying video demonstrates our streamlined conversion process. Our solution simplifies the client's involvement, as they only need to copy the contents from the PDF and paste them into cell A1, significantly reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy in the inventory management process.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 095322.png

Originial PDF

PDF to Template for Online Software

Hours and Pay Automation

        Below is an enhanced version of a optimized process employed to eradicate manual calculations for a manager at a small business. Previously, the manager had to manually aggregate each employee's working hours and compute their total compensation based on their respective wages, resulting in a time-consuming procedure.

The newly implemented system is preconfigured with essential employee payment factors and has been seamlessly integrated with the employee sign-in/out sheet. Consequently, as employees sign in, their relevant information is automatically fed into the payment calculator system. This innovative automation has effectively eliminated the manager's entire workload associated with this task, enabling them to allocate their time and efforts to address other pressing matters of significance.

Employee Sign in/out sheet for small business task automation
Employee Payroll sheet for small business automation

Estimate Automation

Below is a comprehensive estimate breakdown originally designed for a subcontracting construction company. Previously, the company relied on manual estimations and accepted projects without a thorough understanding of their true costs. These estimates can be tailored to suit the scale of your company and will encompass all associated expenses, taxes, and profit margins. The utilization of this standardized template is essential for optimizing profitability and meticulously tracking expenses for each project.

Estimate Template for small business automation
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